At CheayRochelle we produce an array of modernized-Haute Couture special occasion garments. Our pieces are aesthetically elegant and chic with a touch of romance. All our pieces are handcrafted with love in our Brooklyn, New York Studio.

Our designs are specifically made for women who take pride in wearing garments that are designed intricately.The CheayRochelle women appreciates subtle and timeless garment construction that evoke emotion, history, art, and structure which helps form a sense of beauty.

CheayRochelle signature style incorporates the use of brocades, embroidery, lace and classy prints,a balance of structured and effortless movement in fabrics with an alternative use of luxurious special designed materials.

Each collection offers One-of-the-Kind staple pieces that are specially made to order at very limited stock. The reason for this, is to have our customers in pieces that are distinguishable, unique and timeless to wear. 


“Hello, I am the Designer/Founder and Owner behind CheayRochelle.

I have always had a passion for designing since the tender age of 12. I wanted to produce unique clothing for women that inspired me such as my older sister and mother. I admired their sense of style and how particular selecting clothes was for them. I aspired to design a line for women to feel luxurious and to wear staple silhouettes that are unique and not fully accessible to the public. I always believed that clothes are a part of our personality and authentic self, and we should all wear pieces that best represent us as an individual.

I started learning the craftsmanship and business of fashion when I was enrolled to the High School of Fashion Industries. Being a student there helped me to fulfill my dream as an independent fashion designer.Once I was taught how to fully construct a garment by utilizing industrial sewing machines, draping on a dress form along with converting a design to a flat pattern, my love and appreciation for fashion designing grew much more. I found it to be extremely rewarding to see my designs come to life.

My passion for art intertwined into my designs. As a child, I found myself very much into artists like Sandro Botticelli, Georgia O’Keeffee, Hieronymus Bosch and Hale Woodruff. These artists were the forefront of my creativity. In 2009, I introduced my first mini collection called “Couch Couture” which centered around the use of tapestry materials, crafted in whimsical structured pieces, with the idea of wearable art. That collection was the gateway for CheayRochelle causing lots of attention in the fashion industry. Many more collections where created throughout the years and my designs were published in Elle, Zink, Harper's BAZAAR and Zink Magazine. 

In 2012, after completing my BBA; in Marketing at Hofstra University, I enrolled in the Patternmaking Certificate Program at  Fashion Institute of Technology in 2015. Fashion Institute of Technology introduced me to new avenues such as special occasion construction for Evening wear and Bridal wear. I found working with other fabrics like bridal lace, beaded sequins, and different types of satins and silks was a great way to extend my brand and offer more to my clients. As the brand CheayRochelle is continuing to evolve there’s so much beauty that will arise for the near future.


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