Brooklyn, New York Fashion Designer Keisha Brown for CheayRochelle was educated at Hofstra University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Information Technology. She  started her fashion design career in 2006 after graduating Fashion Industries High School introducing a Women’s couture line titled Sweet Dreams dedicated to the passing of her older sister ‘Xavier Rochelle’. 

The designer produced collections for each season, and her work was featured in major fashion magazines such as Elle Magazine, Zink Magazine, Vogue Magazine, etc. While working as an independent fashion designer, she decided to continue her education at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology studying Pattern Making and Draping Techniques.

In  the designer collections reflect her lifelong love for Evening Wear/ Coats & Suits and a touch of Bridal. Her unfaltering demand of attention to detail & exceptional fit is celebrated with whimsical structure garments, gowns with fluid movement, along with innovative textile combinations, and unique handwork detailing all constructed in the Brooklyn, New York district.

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